Sunday, 30 August 2009

This Weekends Batch

Wow I am totally pleased with the way this little batch came out.

A few awesome pendants, stud earrings and maybe a couple of cuff links."doing the happy dance"

You should see a few on these in my 'crazy' glass store, radicalglass.

Most of these are going to be labeled up for my up and coming exhibition at Glenbrook, NSW, Australia. You can check out some more exhibitors at mountainmakers blog.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Another Baby Is Born

I get so excited when these little ones appear. Just speechless. I wish I could go and give them a big cuddle just like a baby puppy. These are two different babes with different Moms but look so alike. Both have a cute white diamond on their foreheads.Just waiting for this beautiful Mom to give birth. Her colour is just gorgeous, I wonder what the little one will be like.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hazard Reduction Time

It looks as though the dampness in the air and ground may be reducing and giving the RFS guys a chance to to reduce available fuels.

You can't stop bush fires occurring but performing a hazard reduction will hopefully reduce the fuels that cause a severe bush fire. Reducing the fuel will aid in the containment of a severe bush fire.

This photo was taken from the back of my house and shows hazard reduction in the Blue Mountains.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Foaling Season

This is the time for all the cute babies to be born. As I am surrounded by studs I enjoy this sight every year.
First the little babe was laying down and I couldn't get a good photo. So I decided to go for a walk up the road to check on the other bulging Mums and back. What a surprise. The lanky cutey was up and seemed to be a bit playful. Still staying close to Mum though.Aren't they just gorgeous.

PINK - Sydney, 18th July 2009 - 2

Awesome chick and fantastic entertainer.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Fresh From The Kiln

My kiln was heated up last weekend and given plenty of loving. The end results have been awesome and super radical.Here's a few of my favourites. Check out my store, radicalglass, for some more colourful creations.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Soap Giveaway!

It's giveaway time! This week Erin of Innerearthsoaps be giving away 2 full-size bars of soap from my range: all natural Chocolate Mint and yummy Blackberry Oatmeal.

1) Visit my Erins blog here for details.
Competition will close on Sunday 16th August at midnight (Sydney time).

Good luck!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

A New Love In My Life

Usually the only time I read is when I am relaxing on holiday but since Christmas there have been a few that i haven't been able to put down.

Firstly there was the Twilight series. Hubby bought me the set for Christmas and 6 weeks later I had completed them all.A fellow crafter introduced me to the 'Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter' series by Laurell K Hamilton and as she has the set these are flying across Australia for me to read and then they flying back again. LOL.At the moment I am getting through the Inkheart Triology (Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath). So addictive and a great story. Wish I could read myself in to a good book.

I am totally enjoying the relaxation I am getting from just reading. A new love in my life LOL.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Todays weather

I just love grabbing the camera when the sky is dark and mysterious. These clouds came over during lunch time and we thought we were in for a storm. Nothing, not even a drop of rain here in grose Wold, New South Wales, Australia.
You can see the dark clouds coming through the trees.Here it is and there it went. Not a drop of water to fill our tank.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Protect Your Hands.

I remember the days when I just popped in to any shop just to buy a pair of oven gloves. Not paying much attention to the design nor pattern just making sure they were the same colour as the kitchen.

Now that I have been on Etsy for a few years the first thing I do if I want anything is check out the handmade goodies.

In the search I typed in "oven gloves" not many pages and a few that were just like single mitts. I wanted a pair that were for both hands and all in one.

I found a gorgeous pair from the UK and she was good enough to double check the cost of shipping to Australia. Once she got back to me I made my purchase.

Now these are on the way to me from the UK. Cute aren' t they. Handmade by germang33K.
I also put out a plea to my fellow Dust Team members and Bontons came up trumps with this pair after showing me numerous materials and this was my chosen one. They are just awesome.

So don't forget peeps. Try Etsy first for your handmade goodies and if you don't find exactly what you want - ask!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Is This A Sign Of Getting Old?

Last night (Saturday) we went out early for a meal with my son, his girlfriend and her family. Meal was booked for 6pm and by 8pm we were fully stuffed and on our way home.

This picture was approx 30 minutes after arriving home. I say no more!!
I must add that throughout this time I was fully awake enjoying a bit of TV and reading.