Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Walk With The Dog

When you are rushing home from work in the car you just don't appreciate where you live. Just a stroll down our road with the dog really was appreciating. I am so glad I took the camera.

The first 2 pictures are both ends of our road.
You will see the gorgeous green fields to the side and the lovely lane leading to the Woods Reserve.

Doggy Hairdressers

Hmmm Mum said I was getting a bit scruffy and my long coat kept matting up. Geez every time I took a drink my ears got wet!Oh and Dad didn't get home in time to take me to the hairdressers so I got to sit in Mums lovely car. Why on earth she put a towel on the passenger seat I do not know. I still jumped on the driver seat when she got out.

Mum left me with a women who had noisy blowers, scissors and brushes. After 4 hours Mum and Dad picked me up and said how handsome I looked.

Look at my shiny coat and my ears are not getting wet when I drink.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Depression Hits

It seems as this is the only place I can really put my feelings over. I know there are many people worse off than me and I really wish I didn't feel this way and that the thoughts would disappear.

What's wrong you say? A build up of minors which my head is taking as major.

After having my op on my neck which I am now 150% better than I was 4 months ago but not back to how I was before, I have minor pins and needles down my left arm, cannot sleep on my left side (an added thing here) and everytime I move my neck it sounds like a bag of sand in it but, as I say, it is 150% better than it was.

Going back to the left side. Over the years I have had problems with my water works - blood in urine, left side pain and 2 years ago cysts were found on my kidney and ovary. I now need to book a scan to check my left side out as I am constantly waking up early hours of the morning for a pee and the pain is horrendous.

I miss my daughter terribly and wish she was here.

My work is so stressful at the moment that I don't know whether I am coming or going or if the company really wants me there at all and is making it hell to get me out.

And what has happened to my marriage and my husband. I feel that he doesn't even like me any more. Our sex life is non existent due the pain I am in and I can't remember the last time he cuddled me. He was the perfect man when we first met but then I was going through breast cancer and I suppose he doted on me.

We are both earning good money and where is it? The house needs work doing to it and my husband either cannot or doesnot want to do it. I seem to be the only one that saves.

Trying to go through the ups and downs of menopause without drugs is driving me crazy.

I have seen a naturopath who has given me a few herbs to get all my bodily functions back to normal so we just have to wait and see on this.

Even my jewelry creations just lately are not impressing me.

What am I doing on Valentines Day? Sitting here crying my eyes out and wanting to throw myself of the nearest mountain. I won't as I am hoping one day that things will get better, that I will be a Grandma and I know it will devastate the kids.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Creation Flop Is Reborn

Well I removed the big ugly wire wrapped pendant, saved the chain and popped the lovely moonstone briolette back on with a few strands of sterling silver chain. Then oxidised the silver to give it that dark, lustful look.
I love it. I can honestly say this is one handmade necklace I am quite proud of.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Creation Flop

I could scream. My last creation took almost a week and a mass of sterling silver wire. I am so upset with it. All I can say is I hate it, it's crap. This is not what I dreamed it would turn out like.
Son didn't like it but hub was pleased with it. I can't help but hate it!
What a downer! I have made some weird things in my life but this beats it hands down.