Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Challenge From Aunties Beads

I have pondered so long on these beads. Definitely unsure what to do with them. Firstly I thought earrings but then I added more beads and, woops, they ended up so heavy my ear lobes would have reached my shoulders.

In my wonderful package from Aunties Beads the ones I got so gumboozled with were these gorgeous Chinese Crystal Beaded Bead, Red Velvet, 26mm. Amazing but what did I do? Not the earrings! A necklace was formed and I can't tell you how many times I took it apart and repositioned the beads.

In the end I added some sterling silver wire, diamond shaped chain and more beads, Angelic Crystal Rondelle Bead Strand, Red Velvet, 4x6mm,
Chinese Crystal Faceted Rondelle Bead,Red Velvet, 11 x 14mm.

Added from my own collection is multi faceted black agate. This necklace is amazingly one that you can love or hate. It's bold and beautiful, seductive and a bit gothic. Big too, measuring 34 inches and the Chinese Crystal Beaded Bead, Red Velvet, 26mm dropping another 2.5 inches.

It was and still is a nightmare to photograph. Even placing it around myself still doesn't do it justice. Not forgetting these cute little earrings I popped together using the Angelic Crystal Rondelle Bead Strand, Red Velvet, 4x6mm.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Next String Of Beads From Aunties Beads

I had fun with the next set of beads from Aunties Beads. I had some beautiful multi faceted Chinese crystal and in a light rose, Angelic Crystal Rondelle Bead Strand, Lt. Rose AB, 4x6mm , very girly. Boy, these sparkle.

My first creations was very simple, yet stunning. I had a gorgeous shimmering Swarovski crystal pendant which I attached to a sterling silver chain then added 3 of these sparkling crystals topped with scalloped silver bead caps.
My next creation, I love doing these, was a pair of earrings with a cluster of these beads accompanied by purple lepidolite briolettes. Another one of my favourite colours.

Most of my creations you can find at Beadsme on Etsy.

Not forgetting if you are a designer pop in to Aunties Beads for some great beads and findings.