Wednesday, 30 April 2008

VMX Motocross Meet, Necastle, NSW

Saturday 26th April 2008 was the day my hubby visited the VMX Motocross meet up in Newcastle, New South Wales.
Hub and one of his work mates left home at 07.30am to drive 2½ hours to get there. Just to look at clapped out old 1970's motorcycles. I spent a peaceful day on the net chatting with the JET girls and fondling my beads. I did actually anticipate a ute full of crap at the end of the day but he returned with nothing (well I didn't see anything and he said he didn't buy anything). Wonder how long it will be until I spy something in the shed that I haven't noticed before.

What I did find though was on my camera.

A Honda buggy, Bultaco Pursang and Honda CR125.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ebay - Sell This Toot

So I thought this toot was going. All the Honda Z50 parts were put on Ebay so I kept my fingers crossed. What did hub do .... put a reserve on it and, yep you got it, it didn't reach reserve. In the meantime he went out and purchased more bike bits to rebuild a Suzuki RV90. The sale of the Honda bits was supposed to pay for the Suzuki bits. Nice try hub!!!
Now he has the Honda ATC110 (trike to me) on Ebay and yeeesssss it has met reserve. Hopefully it will go this weekend. The poor thing has been sat in the shed for a year awaiting repair. He has now repaired it and sold it (hopefully). It saw the road a few times out the front but that was it. Wonder what more toot he is going to buy now as he is off to newcastle for a swap meet this Saturday!! I better find another bead shop quick.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Second Boat Trip

I can't believe we went out in the boat again. Not so much of a disaster as the first time, see "We had to laugh"

All hooked up and ready for the off and hub couldn't find the boat keys. He looked for ages so I thought had better help him. Got out of the passenger seat of the ute and there they were. I was sitting on them.

Off we go! So we thought. Got to the end of our road and hub realised he hadn't got his wallet (we needed fuel for the boat) so U-turn at the end, with boat in tow and back home we trot. Again he was searching and searching eventually found his wallet had fallen out of his trousers and was down the side of the bed.

OK U-turn at the other end of our road and off we trot again.

Yeah, we get to boat ramp site. Must have a pee before we set off. Boathouse loos are locked. Great! Find somewhere to squat. With boaters coming back and forth that was quite hard. Eventually relieved!!!

Boat on ramp, in the water and me to unhook it. Had to roll my jeans up and, oh dear, hadn't shaved my legs for ages, looked like a bloomin' porcupine.... Anyway off hubby goes to the jetty whilst I park up the ute and trailer.

Once I was in the boat we could relax and take a slow drive up the river. Beautiful sunshine, not too breezy .... bliss. Just happended to look behind and saw this.

OK no problem we are going in the direction of the sunshine, the storm was behind us.

We also spotted these cuties, decided we wanted to retire here and then quickly changed our minds. What if the river rose after too much rain. Good point, didn't want to have a heart attack before our times were up.

After about an hour we decided we had better head back. Looking at the sky it wasn't too bad until we saw the flash of lightning go accross it. Alas we carried on towards dry land. Almost back to the boat ramp, another 10 minutes driving and we got it. The downpour, I mean. We were cold and wet and, by then, just wanted a hot cup of coffee.
As this trip was a lot better that the first one the boat remains and we will do it again. It can only get better!!!

Friday, 11 April 2008

My Entries Are In

Two challenges, two entries.
My entry for the Wedding Challenge can be found here and the entry for the Spring 08 Beading Challenge can be found here .

Just sit and wait now.
Good luck to all that entered.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Weird and Wonderful Sky

Thought I would show the local sky. It has been a funny few weeks. last week was very clear, quite warm during the day and got very chilly at night and first thing in the morning. Yesterday we had quite a few downpours but I had to get the camera out. The sky was so amazingly beautiful. Don't you agree?
This one is the view from the back of my house.

At the same time this is the front of my house.

This one was taken at lunch time on my way back to work. I just had to pull over and take a photo.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wedding Challenge

The 2008 Wedding Challenge sponsored by Etsy street teams: JET (Jewelry on Etsy team), EtsyFAST (Fiber Arts Street Team) and Etsy Greetings.
The challenge - to create a piece that would be a perfect fit for Autumn and John's wedding event. Design for the wedding, reception or the honeymoon - the choice is yours. **Please see challenge rules below.

**Wedding Challenge Rules**:

1. One entry per participant

2. Participant must be a member of one of the following street teams: Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET), EtsyGreetings, or EtsyFAST.

3. Each participant must post ONE picture of their entry in the Wedding Challenge flickr group by midnight (EST) on April 19.

4. The following information MUST appear in the TITLE and TAGS for each entry posted to the Wedding Challenge Flickr group (using the exact words listed in single quotes).a) The street team the participant belongs to: 'JetTeam', 'EtsyGreetingsTeam', OR 'EtsyFASTTeam'b) The category of the entry: 'Jewelry', 'Paper', OR 'Fiber'

And here is my entry. Made from glass pearls, silver grey glass beads and beautiful flower designed clasps which act as part of the creation.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

New site, new store

I have just set up a new store with a new website -

My new store keeps my Beadsme name and can be found at

Please remember that this store is still in the making and at the time of doing this post has 6 items for sale.

I have only been registered for 3 days and have had my featured items on the front page twice, this sooo makes me feel good. You can check out the other front page on my Flickr site.

My Etsy store will remain up and running in conjunction with my Silkfair store.