Sunday, 29 March 2009

Boating On The Nepean River

Sunday 29th March 2009. This will probably be the last time out in the boat before the winter arrives. Not as stressful as previous times but still a few dramas.

Firstly we arrived at Windsor to find a water skiing thingy on, so we decided to go to Penrith and get on the Nepean River. This boat ramp is a lot busier than Windsor and smaller.
Anyway got the boat in, still had problems starting it but away it went until hub thought he had it in neutral and next thing I saw was the boat coming back towards me up the ramp. Woopsie.
Blondie here had to drive the Ute and trailer off to the parking area. Never reversed a boat trailer before and couldn't even see it. So after a few shunts back and forth I decided to go around the one way, past the launch ramp and back in to the car park. On the way I had to pass all the other guys waiting to launch their boats. Well one guy stopped me and this is the conversation we had.
Guy - "Can't you wait your turn"
Me - "Beg ya pardon"
Guy - "There is a queue for the launch, wait your turn"
Me - "Excuse me! Get your facts right, I was only doing a swing around to get back in the car park. I am not wanting the ramp"
Guy - "You don't have to be so rude"
Me - "Beg ya pardon. Me? Rude? Isn't accusing someone of doing something before finding out what they are actually doing rude?"

That was me stressed coz this guy had peed me off and I couldn't park the trailer. Luckily hub had hooked up the boat and come to help.
Yayyy in the boat, up the river we go. Yep bestest boat trip in a while. Found a quiet spot, dropped anchor and read my mags. Oh got sunburnt too. We must have just relaxed floating on the river for a couple of hours. Mmmm now that's what I call boating.On arriving back at the launch ramp we had to pick up a stranded jet skier and his son as their jetski was sinking. Our poor old boat couldn't steer with the jetski dead weight on it. Luckily another jet skier rescued them. Boat seemed easier this time to get back on the trailer and we set off home all cozily tired and hungry.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Dip In The Pool

Firstly I must apologise for the lily white fat thighs and the sunnies. Sure didn't realise how plump I was getting to put it politely and look! Geez where has my Aussie tan gone.
Well the main reason for posting is to show off Leannes', from Rainbowrevolution on Etsy, gorgeous wrap/sarong she created for me. Just right to hide my lumpy bits but still tan my legs.

I am in love with her beautiful wraps and scarves and can't wait to go on holiday to wear them more often. I also have my eye on this one below but if any of you guys want it don't worry I will badger her to do me another one LOL.
For an amzing colour experience and information you could also check out her website,

Don't forget whilst you are browsing the net check out my store on Etsy too, beadsme.

You could also check out many other Aussie artists by visiting the DUST team website,

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Highlight of Thailand.

No words here. Just an amazing day at the Tiger Temple, Bangkok.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Swarovski Crystals Are Just Amazing

I have used many Swarovski Crystals in my creations and just love them. The way the sparkle and shimmer in different kinds of light, the colours they come in and I suppose I am a Swarovski Crystal whore!

Recently I purchased a large Swarovski Crystal and wanted to make an amazing piece. OMG I hadn't bought a crystal so big, well roughly 30mm by 30mm, it's big to me.
I was amazed whilst taking photographs of it at the different colours streaming through. Wow did it sparkle and the sun just shone back at me. I was absolutely in a magical, colourful world of my own. Putting it against the white stand made it look a beautiful shade of blue although it actually is clear.

The photgraphs alone do not do it justice. You really have to see it for real. This second picture shows a rainbow of colours from one position but just look at the last photograph, It's awesome!
I just teamed the fan/shell shaped crystal with a sparkling silver bail, half a dozen white fresh water pearls and a bright flower patterned silver plated chain.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Spring Fling

It's that time of year! The Jewelry on Etsy Team will be holding our annual Spring Fling Promotion! The promotion begins at 8 am (etsy time) Friday morning, March 20th until 12 midnight (etsy time) Sunday, March 22nd.

Many of our team members will be participating; each boasting their own unique sales and specials. Information about each sellers sales or promotions can be found in their shop announcement and on the first page of our daily promotions thread in the "Promotions" section of the Etsy forums.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the daily JET Spring Fling Promo thread in the "Promotions" section of the Etsy forums to participate in super fun giveaways for a chance to win tons of prizes! You can win FREE jewelry and other fashion accessories! For a chance to win, we will simply ask participants to take a look at one of our shops and show us a link to an item they like and tell us what they like about the item.

The links to the daily Spring Fling Promo threads can be found on our team blog at throughout the promotion!

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

At The Races

Are you off to the races? Ladies Day?

I have been searching Etsy for some gorgeous outfits for a day out at the races. This is what I have discovered.

So I found the dress from Vintageprincipessa a beautiful cream lace 60's dress.
Then the fascinator/hat from Rundellw embellished with ostrich feathers, rhinestones and a vintage earringNot forgetting the shoes from Crafttastrophe.

All ladies need a bag to put their lippy in. I found this cute clutch from MShandbags.Last but not least the bling. Well I had to choose my "le printemps" necklace and earrings to complete this outfit. Available in my Etsy store.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Out Of The Pink Sky Is Having A Giveaway

Out Of The Pink Sky is giving away these gorgeous Paloma earrings.

These cool earrings feature a terracotta colored jasper with green veining that creates a beautiful effect. The shape is a rounded rectangle, like a pillow. Dangling from this beauty of a stone is a lovely green and purple striped open-winged butterfly. These earrings would be great for any occasion.

Please visit Out Of The Pink Sky blog by just clicking here for giveaway details.

Good luck. Entry closes April 7th 2009.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Jumping With Joy

Last week I was thrilled and honoured to be picked for interview with Susan of Capitola Girl.

Featuring my new Le Printemps collection along with another colourful necklace and bracelet she published the inter view today under the heading of "Who Sparkled This Saturday? Beadsme"

Monday, 2 March 2009

Got My Craft Bug Back

Or should I say - someone gave me a craft bug and I played with it until it gave me some inspiration.
OK I rummaged through my supplies and it came to me.

I admit myself that these creations are awesome. Very feminine and springy.

The necklace is created with a beautiful Fluorite pendant surrounded by wire wrapped Citrine teardrops.

Earrings are created with wire wrapped Citrine teardrops and Oregon Sunstone.

Doesn't it feel good when your creative bug comes back like a lost puppy.

These gorgeous gems were given to me in one of our secret swaps from Pam at Cooljewelrydesigns and Sharon at Nightskyjewelry.