Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dogs and Pools

Last night, just as a storm was starting, we picked up a cattle dog roaming the streets. As animal lovers we just couldn't leave him out in the storm. Bought him home and put him in the shed. We got through the storm without a peep from him. Then 11pm came - yap, whine, scratch, whine, yap.

We ended up bringing the dog in to the house and having him in our bedroom. Very little sleep - pacing, whine, yap, sleep a bit, pacing, whine, yap. A nightmare.

Emails were sent around locals to find the owner but nothing so we had to take him to vets who scanned his chip and hopefully contacted his owner.

Now to the pool. As the cover was on the dog kept falling in. Hub removed the cover so that he could see the water. This was very early in the morning and the colour was not seen until daylight.Nice eh?

Looks like we have a few days of dumping chlorine in to it and cleaning. Geeeez!


cooljewelrydesign said...

Nice shade of emerald green! That was great of you to give the doggie a home overnight.

Unknown said...

So nice to see Green. YOu look outside my door and all you see is White! LOL. This was my view this morning.