Sunday, 26 April 2009

Trip To Lake Macquarie

Today we had to travel a few hours to pick up my new toy in Swansea. That's Swansea, New South Wales, Australia not UK.

We had never been to this area and once we arrived and saw the views we had to make a day of it. What an awesome place, the wind was a nightmare though but was soon forgotten with the beautiful scenery.One small suburd that we stopped at even had a small market, plenty of wine and song too.
And here's me, back home with my new toy. Unfortunately I can't use it until an electrician has wired it in to it's own circuit. At the moment it is also stuck in the Ute as there is no one to help hub carry it out.


Information Review said...

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Leah said...

wow, it's beautiful there!

yenpart said...

nice pictures! it's very beautiful. we also have a town of swansea near where i live but not comparable to yours *wink!