Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Buddy In Mind

Spotted these crochet balls in the local craft store and straight away thought of my team mate and buddy Designsbycher. She has such a love of crochet and felt that these are just for her.
Great comment from EmotionalOasis "Pic looks like bewbs". Now looking at them I totally agree. So the title is apt 'An Ode To Cher' or should this be 'An ode To Chers Bewbage"???


3 squares said...

nice pair!!

GrandmaMarilyn said...

LOL, I thought it was an ode to the other Cher, not our Cher. LOL Really cool earrings.

LPC said...

I have had a problem with crocheting and cozies for a little while now. I loved this post. So much I have it up on my blog now:).

lyptis said...

These earrings are freaky, definitely unusual!!

I thought it was 80's Cher too!:s