Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Creation Flop

I could scream. My last creation took almost a week and a mass of sterling silver wire. I am so upset with it. All I can say is I hate it, it's crap. This is not what I dreamed it would turn out like.
Son didn't like it but hub was pleased with it. I can't help but hate it!
What a downer! I have made some weird things in my life but this beats it hands down.


Cloud said...

Mandy, if you save the 'chain' and the pendant drop will you like it more? I hate it when you try to make something and it doesn't come out the way you had pictured it in your head.

nyjolejewellery said...

Mandy I think not is all lost, why don't you do what I do...."bling it up." Add crystals and freshwater pearls to it. Leave the chain as is, but where the pendant is place the crystals and pearls in between the yellow beads. Hide the wire work as it looks a bit messy. By using lots of beads, crystals, and pearls will cover up the wire work but give it its nice shape.

If you need more details, just email and I will help.

Tara Beaulieu said...

I think the wrapping is really good and I love the chain part! I don't think any of it as "bad"- we are always our own harshest critics. Maybe taking a step back and working on something you know you love (aka something you've done before and know you'll have success with) will give you a fresh perspective to go back and try tweaking this one again.

I know how bad it stinks to waste all that sterling. When I was learning to solder I wasted SO much. If you shop at Rio Grande, they'll take your scraps back and give you money towards your new purchases- if this helps ease the pain at all. Good luck! :)

Ruth said...

Can you take it apart and remake it? I've had that happen with crochet projects a few times, sometimes I'll make something and looking at the finished piece makes me go "yuck". I just rip it apart and start over.

Rosebud Collection said...

let me just say this..I had a sign I painted and thought it was lousy..Well, at the fair, it was the first thing that sold..Just because it didn't come out the way you wanted, doesn't mean someone won't love it..I think it is really unique..

M.M.E. said...

I know how you feel. I think Cloud is right. You could certainly save the chain and then retry the necklace after a week or two, when you are able to forget your first attempt.