Friday, 15 January 2010

Baby Bunnies Update

Unfortunately due to the extreme heat we lost 2 more babies and are only left with 1.

Well, as the little thing has no competition for milk take a look at the belly. This picture was taken on Wednesday 13th January 2010.As we are off for 5 days to the Hunter Valley I thought I would take some more pics of the little one just to show you guys how big he/she is now. You can also see the fur on the belly, not so pink now.I actually can't wait to get back in 5 days and see just to see how big and furry he/she is. The eyes should be open by the time we get back too.
I just adore this little one.


Mel said...

Eeep So cute!!! I'm so glad it wasn't sick after all.

vickie said...

Oh adorable! I've never seen a newborn bunny before. TFS!