Friday, 25 January 2008

The Bag Ladies

Sorry about the title just couldn't help it. I so have a soft spot for bags, bags and more bags. I can't seem to be able to resist shoes either.

Just look at these 2 adorable bags. How I have contained myself I do not know!! :-) These ladies both have stores on .

These bags both have romantic in the descriptions. I totally agree. And so feminine. Just think of yourself out on a Spring morning with one of these on your shoulder.

The larger picture is a Pretty Romantic Shabby and Chic Tote. It is made from Laura Ashley and Rachel Ashwell fabric.

The smaller bag is described as Romantic Hearts Mini Messenger. Made from cotton and lined with a lightweight batting.

Just click on the descriptions to link yourself to their Etsy shops. Handbags are just the start, check out the other items in theses stores. Hopefully someone in my family may see these and put them away for Xmas. Wishing!

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TAMmommy said...

Thank you for sharing these!!

They may be enough to get me to give up my Vera Bradley habit!!

Thanks again for sharing,