Thursday, 31 January 2008

My First Etsy Treasury

I just couldn't believe it. Just sitting at the computer looking through Etsys' treasuries. I had just popped onto the forum when a thread came up saying treasury low. I just had to go back. I should have been getting ready for work. Couldn't resist waiting and then it came, that little box. YAHOO. My first Etsy treasury. 30 minutes is all I had to get this set up and get ready for work.
Here is the link to my treasury ......

I am so excited. I hope someone gets a sale.


TAMmommy said...

Loved your Treasury!

Thanks for sharing it on your blog!!

Michele said...

Very nice treasury, love all the bags and their different prints very lovely, I know what you mean about getting a treasury, feels great when you get one.

Thanks for your kinds words trying to stay positive and strong.