Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More Tasters From The Dust Team

With only just over a week to go the excitement is increasing and panic is setting in. have we done this right? Is everyone ready? What do we have to do now? Is everyone going to be available to cover the postings? Are we ready?

Darn and my computer gets a virus. Swot that Trojan. Arrggghhh. Thank you AVG.

Anyway this will brighten things up a few more examples from the members of the Dust Team.
Blue & White Hair Clips by Vanillapixie.

Hand Dyed Pure Silk Muslin Scarf/Wrap by Rainbowrevolution.

Two Bluebirds Of Happiness Print by Matouenpeluche.


Leanne Lonergan said...

Mandy..I have those bluebirds favourited!!!! Nobody else go near them please!!!! lol

Carmel said...

Beautiful colours in these picks Mandy! Love them all :)

BonTons said...

Lovely! Saving saving....

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

They are all beautiful - but the scarf is my favorite!