Sunday, 19 July 2009

Chinatown, Sydney, Australia

This is another quick post. Something that I was not impressed with - Chinatown, Sydney.

Did not rate it what so ever. The street could be walked down in 1 minute. I suppose I am comparing it to Chinatown in San Francisco, which to me, was great. Felt like Chinatown, an abundance of stores, aromas and a beautiful colourful evening walk. Chinatown, Sydney is lacking something. Even though I haven't been, my husband says Chinatown in London is better.We popped in to Chinatown, Sydney for something to eat before we attended the Pink concert. I am sorry if this is in poor taste but the restaurant that we ate in got our backs up.

It was Chong Qing Chinese Restaurant. The food was lovely but to sit and eat whilst watching Barmundi fish in their tank attempting to swim up side down and gasping for air is stomach churning.

I will never be able to step foot in that restaurant again. My husband was tempted to report them but the poor things would probably be dead by now and all evidence disposed of.


Made By Tammy said...

Wow, I hope the Pink concert was good?

Leah said...

I'd love to see Pink too! It's a shame about your meal.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

sorry it was such a frustrating experience :(

LizzyT said...

We had a day in Sydney when we were over in June. My DH wanted to have a look round Chinatown but we didn't get time, maybe it is just as well. Glad to hear you enjoyed Pink though!