Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Swarovski Crystals Are Just Amazing

I have used many Swarovski Crystals in my creations and just love them. The way the sparkle and shimmer in different kinds of light, the colours they come in and I suppose I am a Swarovski Crystal whore!

Recently I purchased a large Swarovski Crystal and wanted to make an amazing piece. OMG I hadn't bought a crystal so big, well roughly 30mm by 30mm, it's big to me.
I was amazed whilst taking photographs of it at the different colours streaming through. Wow did it sparkle and the sun just shone back at me. I was absolutely in a magical, colourful world of my own. Putting it against the white stand made it look a beautiful shade of blue although it actually is clear.

The photgraphs alone do not do it justice. You really have to see it for real. This second picture shows a rainbow of colours from one position but just look at the last photograph, It's awesome!
I just teamed the fan/shell shaped crystal with a sparkling silver bail, half a dozen white fresh water pearls and a bright flower patterned silver plated chain.


Carley said...

Amazing colours Mandy. (now get yourself back to bed!!)

planettreasures said...

It's just gorgeous, Mandy and your photos are great!
Are you selling this one or is it for you?

Beadsme said...

I do wish I could keep this for myself. My skin is so expensive and comes out in rashes if I wear anything other that gold.

I will eventually be putting this in my Etsy store.


GrandmaMarilyn said...

Lovely piece. That would be a large focal piece for me too.

BonTons said...

They are both gorgeous, love how they change colour with different light and angles.