Sunday, 29 March 2009

Boating On The Nepean River

Sunday 29th March 2009. This will probably be the last time out in the boat before the winter arrives. Not as stressful as previous times but still a few dramas.

Firstly we arrived at Windsor to find a water skiing thingy on, so we decided to go to Penrith and get on the Nepean River. This boat ramp is a lot busier than Windsor and smaller.
Anyway got the boat in, still had problems starting it but away it went until hub thought he had it in neutral and next thing I saw was the boat coming back towards me up the ramp. Woopsie.
Blondie here had to drive the Ute and trailer off to the parking area. Never reversed a boat trailer before and couldn't even see it. So after a few shunts back and forth I decided to go around the one way, past the launch ramp and back in to the car park. On the way I had to pass all the other guys waiting to launch their boats. Well one guy stopped me and this is the conversation we had.
Guy - "Can't you wait your turn"
Me - "Beg ya pardon"
Guy - "There is a queue for the launch, wait your turn"
Me - "Excuse me! Get your facts right, I was only doing a swing around to get back in the car park. I am not wanting the ramp"
Guy - "You don't have to be so rude"
Me - "Beg ya pardon. Me? Rude? Isn't accusing someone of doing something before finding out what they are actually doing rude?"

That was me stressed coz this guy had peed me off and I couldn't park the trailer. Luckily hub had hooked up the boat and come to help.
Yayyy in the boat, up the river we go. Yep bestest boat trip in a while. Found a quiet spot, dropped anchor and read my mags. Oh got sunburnt too. We must have just relaxed floating on the river for a couple of hours. Mmmm now that's what I call boating.On arriving back at the launch ramp we had to pick up a stranded jet skier and his son as their jetski was sinking. Our poor old boat couldn't steer with the jetski dead weight on it. Luckily another jet skier rescued them. Boat seemed easier this time to get back on the trailer and we set off home all cozily tired and hungry.


Ange said...

rude people piss me off too mandy!!

Carley said...

Sounds like a great way to farewell summer... Pity about the rude bloke

LizzyT said...

Its looking at posts like this that keep reminding me why we are moving to Australia (just got to sell our home in the UK first - not easy). I am glad the rude fella didn't spoil your day.

seababejewelry said...

What's with that guy?

lyptis said...

Too funny!

Well im sure u been givin it to that tosser!
Some people..

At least u guys had a nice day out otherwise, river looks nice and u look quite relaxed!:)

Penny said...

Wow, what a great day! The pictures are gorgeous!

Carmel said...

You look like you got a bit of relaxation after all that stress :)

Michele said...

Glad you told him, Mandy. The sky looks so pretty in background.

GrandmaMarilyn said...

Other than not being able to back the trailer and the rude guy, sounds like you had fun. Be careful with that sunburn and put some ointment on it to keep it moist.

Made By Tammy said...

Beautiful Photos!
Sounds like you had some wonderful down time after all the drama.

Leanne Lonergan said...

Sounds like a well deserved day out! Phhhtt to the rude man!