Friday, 22 August 2008

Pull Together To Help Someone - Darnell

A story of a young man in his prime and his family which need your help.

Darnell is a 20 year old, still living with his parents. Until he fell ill, he worked with his mom, who owns a construction cleaning business. His father is a prison guard. They live in Columbia, South Carolina. Darnell has two brothers, a cousin was also raised by his mom and dad, but he is now grown and out of the house, and another cousin is still living with them currently, she is 9 years old.

Darnell has no health insurance, because his father's insurance dropped him at age 18, and his mom's business is too small to be able to afford an employee health care plan. He has recently been diagnosed with a tumor behind his eyes. He noticed something was wrong when his vision was beginning to fail. He went completely blind in both eyes within a matter of weeks. The tumor is pressing down on both optical nerves. Most recently, his condition turned worse, when he was unable to keep any food or water down for three days. He was admitted to the hospital, and the doctors decided to surgically remove his tumor the very next day. No word yet on his condition after surgery.

The family is in a financial bind. Expensive tests (MRI, eye tests, CT-scans, doctor visits, etc.) all required down payments, and monthly payment plans. The family is falling behind on their regular bills. Although Medicaid has been applied for, bills must be paid until it kicks in, if it is approved.

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