Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Briolette Or Two?

Well I did agree not to buy anymore beads for a few months. I have so many all my storage units are full and there are bags and boxes all over the spare bed.

By mid February I did very well. Only buying the necessary findings.

Then it went wrong. I couldn't stop looking in TexasBeadz store on Etsy. I just fell in love with all her briolettes and was dying to get practicing on my wire wrapping. And the great thing about her store is that you can buy 2 briolettes and not a whole strand. How cool is that.Can I say I have still not bought any beads, these were briolettes, not beads. Oh boy!
I think I have completed 3 more pairs of handmade earrings and probably have 2 more sets of briolettes to play.

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Cher said...

LOL! way to justify, Mandy... so if I buy briolettes, it doesn't count towards my bead hoarding? What a wondrous idea, thank you... YAY!