Friday, 30 October 2009

My Cervical Spine Operation

For a few weeks I was a bit quiet on the blogging front. Think nerves took over before my operation.

Well for almost 5 months now I was suffering with severe pain in my arm. Many weeks were spent to and fro from my GP with x-rays and scans on my arm with nothing found. As a last resort the doctor, who had 'tennis elbow' on the brain referred me to a physiotherapist.

My visit to the physiotherapist was short. She got me to move around in different positions and just said "I want you to have a CT Scan on your neck before I can do anything".

After the CT Scan my problem was found. I had 2 bulging discs, C5/6 & C6/7, which were also trapping nerves. My arm pain was then diagnosed as 'referred' pain. Not once did O have pain in my neck. Pain was by now in my left shoulder blade and chest area with electrifying pins and needles.

The physiotherapist popped me on to a neck traction machine for about 6 sessions, it didn't help. A referral to a brain and spine specialist was then made. Firstly the specialist wanted me have an MRI and then to try cortisone in to the discs. I must say this was not nice and I had to have Valium to calm my nerves. This didn't work.

Second option was the 'surgery of the cervical spine'. I had this operation on 21st October 2009 and on waking the next morning the horrendous pain in my arm and pins and needles had gone. just ached in the neck area from the operation. After 2 days I was released, after they removed the few staples in my head and the drain from my operation area.

To put it bluntly the surgeon shaved bone from the 2 discs to make a hole for the trapped nerve to escape in to.

It is now 30th October 2009 with tingling in my fingers and still aches in my neck and shoulder area. I am hoping this will go away but only time will tell. I didn't need any stitches to be removed as they were dissolvable and as you can see the scaring is minimal. Quite neat eh?


GrandmaMarilyn said...

I pray that all of your pain goes away before long. I hasn't really been that long since your surgery. Give it some time. I am glad the pain in your arms is gone though.

Erika Price said...

Hope this is successful for you Mandy, you've been through so much :)

3squares said...

Continuing to think of you and hope the pain dissolves away completely like your stitches.

BeadznBling said...

If you were able to walk away relieved of so much pain after just two days, this has to be a good sign! Be smart and do what the doc steps!

Made By Tammy said...

Thinking about you! I hope and pray with each day of your recovery you will have less and less pain!

Michele said...

I hope and pray all the aches and pains will go away soon, you sure have been thru an ordeal!!

DG Jewelry Designs said...

Listen to your doc and take it easy. It takes a while to mend. Glad your surgery is over and you feel better.

Anna said...

I so hope your pain goes away! There is nothing so draining and you mentally and spiritually than being in pain constantly. Take care!