Wednesday, 20 May 2009

First Firing

Last night I sat and nursed the kiln for about 2 hours. Burnt the sensor on the pyrometer as I was testing the temp too often. Top temp was 1630F.
This is the first batch and a bit of a woopsie so they are back in the kiln tonight for more firing. The edges are too rough and need to be more rounded. My first batch on randomness LOL.

You learn by your mistakes.


Lynne said...

Those look so pretty! Hard to believe they have to be refired. I bet you're really enjoying the new kiln, even more so now that you've done your first firing. Have fun!

Designs by Victoria said...

A great first step. And I did laugh when I saw you hugging the fire extinguisher! Apologies.

CastoCreations said...

Wow...that's so exciting. I really would LOVE to get a kiln someday.

Victoria said...

Wow those look great! You're going to love that kiln.