Wednesday, 4 February 2009

JET Team Trunk Show!

The Jewelry on Etsy Team will be hosting their first Trunk Show on Thursday, February 5, at 12:00 noon EST in the Etsy Virtual Labs.
Come join us in The Gallery. Twenty of the JET members will showcase a wide variety of fine handcrafted jewelry, from beaded creations to metal work. Be the first to answer a trivia question and win one of the many door prizes we'll be giving away! Below is a sampling of just a
few of the JET creations that you'll see at the show. Come find out what special Valentine sales our JETs are offering. Hope to see you there.


Ranran said...

Hey, nice site! I'm kinda a newbie in this blogging stuff and i'll appreciate it if you drop by my site and/or leave a comment. I really enjoyed reading your posts. ;-)

I can also have your blog URL linked to my site is you want so to increase your blog traffic.

I have also dropped you an E-Card, by the way. ;-)

Cheers from the Philippines!

lyptis said...

Hey Mandy, just wanted to say, U crack me up!!:D
(and i thought i was bad..)

Lovely display, love those 'cherry' earrings!

Ranran said...

no problem in the popping in. ;-)

checked out your site again. nice beads! i already added you in my Blogroll.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi beadsme, good luck on the trunk show, that's some gorgeous jewelry you're displaying!

at Rings & Things

Julia said...

Wow. I wish I had extra money to spend...