Friday, 14 November 2008

Vintage Clothes Store On Etsy

Well I found this store owners blog and had to click on her Etsy store, Tialeyvintage.

Maybe this is a sign of age but I just love the 70's clothes she has in it. Here are a few of my faves.

This black and white jumpsuit is totally my number 1 favourite. At $38.00 it is a bargain. Sadly, for me, it is small to medium.
This gorgeous, girly skirt is so me. Guess what? It's small/petite, so again it won't be in my shopping basket.
Now this is so sexy. What a great going out dress. I just love the lace, shape and soft colour. Again not my size. Now I am starting to sulk.Click here for more goodies from this store. I will be checking it out regularly.


planettreasures said...

that is a very cool shop, Mandy. What a find.
I love the bright floral maxi-dress - that is so IN!ousl

Unknown said...

They're from the past, but I like them a lot.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Leslie said...

Oh oh! I may have to drop in that skirt is sweet!