Monday, 15 September 2008

Entrecard Friends

I am sorry to say that I will not be able to drop entrecards over the next few days. It has just taken me 1 hour to drop 35 cards.

Our wonderful provider, Bigpond, decided to send us this email:

"Dear BigPond(R) Member,This email is to let you know that your BigPond Broadband service has been slowed to 64kbps because you have reached your monthly usage allowance.

Of course, you can't incur excess usage charges on your BigPond Liberty plan - but speeds will remain slowed to 64kbps until the end of the month. "

How wonderful is that. For the first time we have gone over our usage but they never take into consideration all the months over the past year that we have not even used 60% of our usage. Our usage is 12,000 MB. We are already paying $80 a month for this and now have to upgrade to a faster download with 25,000 MB which is now going to cost us $100 a month.

The upgrade is going to take 3 working days!!!!????!!! Is this just to switch a switch?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please don't desert me, I will be back.


Lucky Girl said...

Oh, gosh, it sounds like it's time to shop for a new provider. That's a ridiculous increase.

Anonymous said...

I know this may sound like a no brainer, but are there any other service providers in your area?

Thyme2dream said...

Oh my, I provider is probably the best answer if possible...I will keep droppin from both my sites til you get back:-)