Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Back Burning Over the Mountains

Friday we received a phone call to say that the RFS will be backburning in our area. To those that do not know what this is. The fire service burn dry bush land to cut down on fuel for the real thing.....a bushfire. I know we were warned but to see it grips you with paranoia. Yesterday we had one mountain over the back smoking (see pic) and today I came home from work to see two of them going.
It can be quite scarey thinking what could go wrong and then trying to remember the bushfire plan that we would follow should the need arise.

1. Take dogs to friends.

2. Disconnect hard drive, grab photos, passports, insurance documents, school and course certificates and anything else that we think of. Take to friends.

3. Attach Jenny (generator) to water pump if electric is off and fight spot fires.

4. If becomes too fierce ....... get out.

5. Cry coz I lost all my handbags and shoes!!!!


Unknown said...

man that sorta makes me nervous - I hope that yall are able to stay safe!

I like your blog A LOT and I hope that your sales on etsy are going well :)

Rosebud Collection said...

I would be very nervous too..I am sure all will go well, it is just the idea of seeing the fire.

Beadsme said...

Thank you. Things are OK at the moment as long as the wind stays calm. It's a bit smelly but they are forecasting rain for Easter so i don't think they will be backburning this weekend.

Smarty Pants said...

Brush fires are scary...but they sure do make for nice photos. Bring your shoes over here...

Sarah McBride said...

good luck with you fires. hopefully they can keep everything under control and all will be right.
great picture though.

i would cry if I lose my shoes and handbags too.